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“After all it’s a Dog’s Life.”

"I recently purchased an underwater treadmill from HydroHound and immediately began using it with my German Shepherds.

I have raised German Shepherds for many years and have found that they are prone to hip problems and the exercise they have gotten from the unit has improved their mobility considerably.

I am very pleased and will continue to use the treadmill with my dog for years."

Thank you,

Sasha Banochek
Indio CA



Canine Underwater Treadmill Systems

HydroHound offers two Aquatic Treadmill Systems

HydroHound's underwater treadmill systems allow you to adjust water depth to suit your needs, while the clear sides and doors allow you to monitor therapy and conditioning from the front, sides, and back. If preferred, the handler can stand inside of the tank on the man walk along the sidewalls or on the operator platform for in tank assistance.

Check out some of the many hydrotherapy benefits gained from using an underwater treadmill system for your dogs here.

Purchaser Provided Materials

  • Flat floor surface to accommodate
    • 84” x 90” Footprint for HydroHound I
    • 34” x 72” Footprint for HydroHound II
  • 2” Drain for water evacuation
  • Power Source (GFCI Protected)
    • 240V 60Amp for HydroHound I
    • 240V 40Amp for HydroHound II
  • Water Source


Each HydroHound System is manufactured for you at the time of purchase. We are able to offer some customization to the underwater treadmill system for dogs to suit your specific needs.

Examples of what you could do:
  • Color choice for Powder Coated Surface
  • Clear and Solid Panel Choice
  • Reverse Treadmill Options
  • Water Jet Placement and Number of jets

Note: Customization may increase manufacturing cost and/or date of delivery.

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